Green Hornet Stickers

Green Hornet The Green Hornet set of stickers was released by Greenway Productions in 1966. The Green Hornet TV show was quickly rushed into production as a result of the success of the Batman TV show, and was similar to it in many respects. There were 44 stickers in this set.

Sticker fronts depicted a color scene from the show, usually a portrait shot of one of the main characters (although some cards showed a colored drawing of Green Hornet and/or his sidekick Kato). The pictures were surrounded by a thin black or white outline, against a white or solid-color background, with a stylish Green Hornet logo against the background or superimposed over the picture. Most were uncaptioned, with a few giving simply the name of the character depicted. The stickers were numbered.

Stickers from this set are known to have been sold in 5-cent packs as well as in 18-sticker rack packs.

Although not hard to find, the stickers from this set command an above-average price.

The character of Kato was played by soon-to-be superstar Bruce Lee, who is depicted on several stickers in this set.