Happy Days

Happy Days cards Topps released their Happy Days trading card set beginning in 1976. There were 44 cards and 11 stickers in each of 2 series.

Happy Days was an immensely popular sitcom during the 1970's, lasting from 1974 through 1984 in 11 seasons. Even shows spun off from it, such as Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley, proved to be huge hits for their network, ABC. Millions of young boys wanted to be cool like the character of Fonzie, and merchandisers, seeing a sure thing, cranked out a wealth of licensed items, like this card set.

The first series card fronts had a color photo surrounded by a blue border, with the card caption in yellow lettering at the bottom. The second, or 'A' series (as all of the card numbers have an A after them) have red borders. The card backs are all puzzle pieces with a thin line at the bottom for the copyright matter and card number.

Stickers have a thin yellow border around the picture and carry a number.