Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes cards The Hogan's Heroes trading card set was produced by Fleer in 1965 or '66. The 66-card set followed the adventures of a zany cast of characters in a wacky Nazi Prisoner of War camp.

The card set was rather sparse. Card fronts depicted a large black and white photo scene from the TV show with a stylized red show logo and the card number in a small red symbol (shaped like a German Army helmet) superimposed over it. The rest of the card was white, with a 'funny' caption beneath the photo, followed by the line 'Place backs together to make a giant photo - 66 cards,' and a copyright notice. Backs, as indicated, were puzzle pieces.

The cards are very similar in style to the Addams Family set from Donruss.

This card set's wrappers and boxes depicted photos of the lead characters' heads on too-small cartoon bodies.

Despite the political-incorrectness of this card set (i.e., the questionable nature of a comedy TV show, and resulting kid-marketed merchandising, about a German POW camp), this is a fairly sought-after card set today, with individual cards and the set commanding respectable prices.