Hollywood Slap Stickers

Hollywood Slap Stickers Fleer produced this sticker set in 1977. There were 66 stickers in all.

The card fronts show a still photo, originally black and white, tinted with a primarily color; a humorous word balloon caption is superimposed on the image. The card borders are black and mimic a single frame of film. The indicia at the bottom indicates the subset to which it belongs (either Our Gang, the Marx Brothers, or Laurel & Hardy), and the name of the film the still photo was taken from. The backs gave instructions on how to peel away the sticker front.

Although the trend was probably dead by 1975, for a while in the early 70's, audiences were once again mad about the classic films and stars of the 1930's and earlier, especially comedies and the funny people who'd starred in them. While not quite of that vintage, this grouping of subjects was also considered 'old-timey' enough to elicit plenty of interest, and the rights to their films were available at a reduced rate.

So, thought the mucky-mucks at Fleer, why not create a card series introducing kids of the 70's to some of the greatest comedy around – the Marx Brothers, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, and Our Gang (then known through syndication as the Little Rascals)? All in all, this is an interesting set for modern card collectors as well, especially those who love classic comedy.