Horrible Horoscopes

Horrible Horoscopes Philadelphia Gum released their Horrible Horoscopes cards in 1972. There were 72 numbered cards in the set.

This set was almost certainly released concurrently with the Happy Horoscopes cards detailed earlier in this book. In fact, the designs are nearly identical, except for the fact that no smiley faces appear in this set, which ostensibly takes a darker outlook but is actually about as light-hearted as the other set.

The card fronts feature a piece of colored line artwork. At the top is the set name and the name of a particular astrological symbol, with a small graphic of the astrology sign at top right. At the bottom is a suggestion (such as ‘Take an Ocean Trip’) and a time of the year in which this should be undertaken. The card backs contain an illustrated piece of knowledge or advice for the given user, again with a ‘To: __________’ line as if the card is to be addressed to a specific person. At the bottom the set title is given again, along with the card number at the bottom right.