Hunted Animals

Hunted Animals Planters Nut & Chocolate Co. produced this 25-card set devoted to Hunted Animals in 1933. Each card measured 1-7/8" by 2-5/16".

Not a widely known or collected set, Hunted Animals is nevertheless an interesting one to vintage card collectors who might never have heard of it.

The card fronts feature a piece of color artwork surrounded by a white border, with a small copyright line superimposed. The card backs give the card number and an ad for the series: 'No. 13 of a series of twenty-five Hunted Animals. Trapped Animals to follow.' Below this is a paragraph of text about the animal, and at the bottom an ad for Big Game Peanut Blocks, the candy in which the cards were inserted.

Value: Each card in this set, in Excellent condition, can be purchased for around $5.00 each. A set of 25 will cost about $135.00.

Hunted Animals wrapper