Hysterical History

Hysterical History cards Topps released their Hysterical History trading card series in 1976, probably to coincide with the country's Bicentennial. There were 66 standard-sized, numbered cards and 66 stickers as well.

The card fronts show a piece of colored artwork, depicting a scene from America's history (and often patterned after a famous painting), captioned at the bottom, with a funny word balloon superimposed over the art. The backs show a fake newspaper front page, with the card number and set title at top, with the card caption (a different one from that on the front) as the headline, and a brief bit of humorous text providing the news story.

Each card in this set also exists as a sticker; the stickers are on thin white cardstock, while the cards are made up of the regular grayish, slightly thicker stock. Each pack contains 1 card and 3 stickers, thereby making the stickers much more plentiful.

Apparently many collectors simply go for the stickers, bypassing the cards entirely.

This set was issued as a test at first, with only cards.