Indians (Fleer, 1959)

Indian Trading Cards Fleer released their Indian Trading Card series in 1959. There were 80 cards in the set.

Indian Trading Cards is a fun, fascinating little card series that is often overlooked, and undervalued, by collectors. The front artwork is attractive, and the backs are well designed and informative. Although there are several good Indian-themed card sets to attract collectors' attention, this one is able to hold its own among them.

The card fronts feature a piece of watercolor artwork, surrounded by a thin white border with a caption at the bottom; inset into the image is a small yellow-on-black logo indicating which type of tribe is being pictured (i.e., Woodland, Plains, etc.).

The card backs feature the card set logo in red and blue, with a faux-Indian pattern around the edges in the same colors. A paragraph of text sits on the left, with a small red signature below this which reads 'Chief Halftown,' apparently a fictional narrator for the set. To the right is the card number within the Fleer crown logo shape, and a box showing what purports to be a bit of 'Indian Picture Writing' and its translation.

The American Card Catalog reference number is R730-2.