Isolation Booth

Isolation Booth Topps released their Isolation Booth trading card series in 1957. There were 88 cards in the set.

In the 1950's, television game shows would often put one or more contestants in an 'isolation booth' for a time, where they could be shielded from hearing other contestants' answers, or from other interference such as the studio audience. In any case, the phrase was closely associated with such shows (then called quiz shows) in the minds of the public.

The card fronts feature a piece of colored line artwork surrounded by a white border; inset in the image is a block (white or colored) asking a trivia question.

The card backs are printed in reddish ink, and the central text is enclosed within a framing image resembling a person on a quiz show being asked questions by the host, topped by the set name. Within the text box, the original question is repeated, then elaborated upon. The card number is at the upper left.

To get the answers to the questions, kids would have to make use of a piece of red cellophane, 2-1/8" by 3-1/8", found in the card packs. The cellophane was placed over the card back, cancelling out the red ink, to reveal the answer lightly printed in blue, which would appear black beneath the cellophane but was all but invisible to the naked eye.

The wrappers and box for this set plainly refer to this set as Gee Whiz Quiz, but the Isolation Booth title is prominently displayed on the back of every card, and that is what original collectors went with.

Value: Individual cards in this set, in Excellent condition, can be found for around $2.00 each. A full set may cost as much as $200.00.