James Bond Thunderball

James Bond Thunderball The James Bond Thunderball trading card set was released in 1966 to coincide with the third in the series of films dealing with that British spy's globetrotting adventures. This was the second James Bond card set produced by Philly Gum in as many years, and again features 66 cards and no stickers.

The card fronts featured a large, black and white photo still from the film, with a thing white border around the card edge. The card backs were white with black ink only (unlike the previous set, which also utilized red ink). A square with a small cartoon picture of Bond with the card number sat at the upper left, with the caption James Bond Secret Agent 007 along the top to its right. Below that was the card's title and a block of text narrating the scene from the front of the card; then a 'Code Quiz' that gave kids a secret message that they deciphered using a '007 Secret Code Capsule.' At the bottom was given the names of the actors in the photo and then the copyright line.

As mentioned, the 007 Secret Code Capsule with a little cheat sheet inserted into every pack of cards.

This would be the last James Bond trading card series in America until Moonraker in 1979.

James Bond Thunderball card box