Jaws 2

Jaws 2 Topps released their card set devoted to Jaws 2 in 1978. The set consisted of 59 cards and 11 stickers.

The sequel to Steven Spielberg's astounding 1975 film was released to much hype, although of course it didn't do nearly as well as the groundbreaking original. It did nevertheless feature Roy Scheider and a shark, and plenty of violence and action, which is what audiences were looking for.

The card fronts featured a color still from the film (or piece of artwork), surrounded by a thin yellow line and black borders, with the card number and film title imposed into the bottom of the border in the shape of a shark fin. Also at the bottom were the card's caption and copyright info. Card backs featured either puzzle pieces (44 total), or a block of Movie Facts text surrounded by a rounded frame with the set title at the top and the shark-fin motif repeated at the bottom.

The stickers featured a color still photo surrounded by a blue border; they were numbered but not captioned.