Jets Rockets Spacemen

Jets Rockets Spacemen Bowman Gum released their classic Jets-Rockets-Spacemen trading card set in 1951. There were 108 cards in the set, each measuring 2-1/6" by 3-1/8".

Jets-Rockets-Spacemen is widely considered by collectors to be the greatest vintage sci-fi card set of all time. With its vivid artwork, an exciting storyline, and clean design, this set dazzled kids back when it came out, and continues to wow collectors today. In any case, it is one of the most beautiful sets a collector can hope to find. Now, if only the cards were a little bit bigger....

The card fronts offer a piece of color artwork, surrounded by a white border. The card backs give the card number and title, followed by a thick paragraph of text continuing the storyline. At the bottom is the set logo, the copyright matter, and the badge of a Picture Card Collectors Club (perhaps an attempt by Bowman to form a fan club of some sort).

The set was released in three series of 36 cards each, the middle 36 (#37-72) apparently being somewhat more difficult to find. Supposedly 180 cards were planned, but the artwork was lost or stolen, so that the series stopped at 108. The art for cards #145-180 was located and printed years later as a modern continuation of the original series.

The American Card Catalog number for this set is R701-13.

Value: Individual cards in this set can usually be found for between $5.00 and $15.00 each (again, with the middle 36 cards being the hardest to locate and thus the most expensive), with a full set commanding a price around $1,200.00 to $1,500.00.