Jolly Roger Pirate Cards

Jolly Roger trading cards This card set was released by Pac-Kups Inc in 1936. There are 48 cards in the set, each measuring approximately 2 x 3".

The card fronts show a piece of colorful artwork surrounded by a thick white border. The publisher's symbol and card title sit at the bottom of the image. The card backs repeat the card title and give a paragraph or two of text, with the copyright matter printed at the bottom.

These interesting pirate-themed cards apparently came individually as a premium with ice cream sold in cups.

Note: A LOT of these cards can be found in like-new condition, which is a sure indicator that a warehouse find of them has been made somewhere in the last few years.

The American Card Catalog number for this set is F375.

Value: Individual cards from this set in Excellent condition can bring around $5.00 each. A full set of 48 is worth about $200.00.