King Kong (1976)

King Kong Topps launched their King Kong trading card set in 1976. There were 55 cards and 11 stickers in the set.

Producer Dino De Laurentiis must have felt pretty confident to remake King Kong, one of the most beloved sci-fi/monster movies of all time. Critics were split over how successful his effort was, but kids during the 70's were thrilled to see the giant ape portrayed in color on the big screen.

The card fronts offer a color photo still from the film (or in some cases promotional artwork), surrounded by a red border with the card caption at the bottom in white. The card set logo was set in a small box resembling a piece of film, which also contained the card number.

Most of the card backs were puzzle pieces, but 11 of them were Movie Facts text pieces, which carried the paragraph within a block surrounded by (at the top) a faux-film strip carrying the card set title, and at the bottom a line drawing showing a gigantic Kong against the New York skyline.

There were also 11 stickers, which showed either still photos or production artwork, surrounded by a film-strip motif. These were numbered but not captioned.