Kojak trading cards The Kojak trading card series was released by Monty Gum in Holland in 1975. There were 226 cards total in the set.

(Although we don't cover many foreign issues on this site, the Monty Gum cards are readily available to American purchasers online, and often cover interesting subjects (like certain American TV series) that American card companies never bothered with.)

The Kojak set is interesting in that it is actually three card sets in one.

The 'regular' set is composed of standard Donruss-type trading cards. The fronts feature a color still photo surrounded by a colored border, with a white edge (see image at right). The series title is at the bottom; the card number is superimposed over the upper right section of the photo. The backs are puzzle pieces. There are 72 of these.

The second set is also composed of puzzle pieces; these, however, are easily distinguished because they have deckled (cut zig-zag) edges. The backs all feature a line drawing of Telly Savales, with the KOJAK title and the card number. There are 100 of these.

The third set is actually a deck of playing cards, with the standard 52-card deck of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, plus two jokers. The backs feature a mirror-image line drawing of Kojak with the series title. These are all unnumbered.

Thus, you have a 226-card (72+100+54) set! Of course, many collectors will just want to keep the 'regular' series and forego the rest.

Value: If we treat each of the component card series as a separate set, then any one of these, in Excellent condition, will bring between $25.00 and $50.00 each. Thus, a full set of 226 cards may command anywhere between $75.00 to $150.00.