Kung Fu

Kung Fu Topps released their Kung Fu trading card set in 1973. There were 60 cards in the set.

Kung Fu was about a martial artist in the Old West who was forced to face gunslingers using only the skills he'd learned as a monk at the Shaolin Monastery. The show, starring David Carradine, was a hit for several years in the 1970's.

The card fronts feature a color still photo from the TV series surrounded by a red border, with a big yellow KUNG FU logo at the bottom. Two-thirds (44) of the card backs had puzzle pieces, but the remaining 16 were much more interesting: each one gave a paragraph of text about the history of kung fu, as well as an illustration showing a particular fighting technique or exercise.

Bruce Lee, who can be seen as Kato in the Green Hornet sticker and card sets, was considered for the main role of Caine.

This card set was also available in the United Kingdom from A&BC, and in Australia from Scanlens.