Kustom Cars

Kustom Cars stickers Fleer released their Kustom Cars in two sets in 1974. The first set contained 30 stickers and 9 puzzle checklists; the second set contained up 39 stickers and 13 sticker-cards (see explanation below).

The card fronts showed a photograph of a custom hot rod surrounded by a white border, with the car's name sitting within a yellow ribbon banner to the lower right. The backs featured a block of text describing the car with a copyright line at the bottom.

Note: The two series are very similar to one another, except that none of the series 2 cards show up in the first series, so that a checklist can denote to which series a given sticker belongs.

The backs of the first series cards contain either the text block mentioned above, or a simple sticker back with instructions on how to peel the sticker away. The text-block sticker backs are scored down the center, so that the sticker is peeled away in halves, while the backs with the instruction are peeled from one corner. All stickers can be found with each type of backing.

The series one checklist cards come with up to 9 different puzzle-piece backs.

The series two sticker backs are more complicated. While most stickers can be found on the usual thin backs with the text paragraph as with series one, some stickers can be found on thicker card backs, which contain puzzle pieces and text both (i.e., about 1/3 of the back is given to text, the other 2/3 to a puzzle piece which must be cut away before being used). Different puzzle-piece backs can be found for different card fronts; there are 12 different pieces required to make a complete puzzle. Thus, a complete set is considered having been made if it contains all 12 puzzle-backs plus at least 1 checklist back.

The stickers in this set are not numbered on the stickers themselves, but they are numbered on the checklist.