Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants trading cards Topps produced their Land of the Giants test set in 1968. There were 55 cards and no stickers.

Card fronts depicted a color scene from the show surrounded by a white border; superimposed over the photo was a wide, stylized book shape that held the card title and a brief sentence narrating the action, as well as a small version of the show's logo.

Card backs vary; #'s 1-44 contained a comic strip-like ongoing story, with a caption at the bottom left telling kids to see the next card to get the rest of the story; cards #45-54 had puzzle pieces, and card #55 held a checklist.

One indication that this was a test issue (besides its scarcity) is the fact that the only wrappers found for the set appear to be a plain wax-paper wrapper with a sticker attached – meaning the company didn't quite want to invest in printing wrappers quite yet.

Note: There also exists a British version of this card set, printed by A&BC, that is far more common. Like all A&BC variants of American cards, of course, they are a bit smaller in size.