Lost In Space

Lost In Space The cult sci-fi TV show Lost In Space became a trading card set in 1966 thanks to Topps. The adventures of the Robinson family, their robot, and the dastardly stowaway Dr. Smith entertained audiences for three seasons, and continues to be fondly remembered by devoted fans. There were 55 cards in this set.

The card fronts depicted a large black-and-white photo still from the series (the show was in black and white for its first season, the remaining two in color) surrounded by a white border; along the bottom was a black band showing a small 'space' logo to the left and the card title in bold white lettering.

Card backs held a white block of text giving a synopsis of the card front's events; this was surrounded by a pink monochrome cartoon of the Robinson family in action, with a circle holding the card number at the upper left or right.

Although not that difficult to find, this card set is widely collected by trading card collectors as well as fans of the show and science-fiction aficionados as well.