Maya Topps released their Maya trading card set in 1967. There were 55 regular cards in the series, as well as 16 die-cut puzzle piece cards.

Maya was a TV series in the 1967/68 season about an American boy (Jay North, who'd played the lead on the classic Dennis the Menace program) who's searching throughout India for his missing father. He's aided by Indian by Raji, played by Sajid Khan, who was for a brief time a teen idol, appearing in all of the teen-girl magazines of the era such as Tiger Beat. Maya was the name of their elephant. Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season, for 18 episodes.

The card fronts feature a color still photo from the series, surrounded by a white border with ornate black frame lines. Inset into the image is a small colored block that gives the card caption.

The card backs in this set are well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. Against a light green background are two blocks of text. The upper one gives the card number and caption, followed by a paragraph of text describing the image, then the ad 'Collect all 55 Maya cards.' The lower block is titled Mysteries of India, and features a small line drawing illustration along with a piece of trivia, such as 'Falcons are trained to aid in hunting.' At the bottom is the copyright matter.

The puzzle pieces feature a jigsaw-edged piece of a larger, color photo puzzle, die-cut and surrounded by a white border. These too are numbered.

This card set can be purchased relatively cheaply, considering it is now 50 years old and is actually a fun and well-made set. The lack of knowledge about the TV series probably dampens demand among collectors.

The puzzle-piece cards are usually not counted with the regular cards in the set price.