McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy Fleer released their McHale's Navy trading card set in 1965. There were 66 cards in the set.

McHale's Navy was a beloved comedy TV show in the early 1960's. It starred Phil Silvers as the irascible McHale, who along with his men lives a life of luxury on a South Pacific island until a Navy officer arrives to screw everything up. The show made such comedic actors as Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, and Joe Flynn into instantly-recognizable faces, if not exactly household names.

The card fronts feature a black and white still photo from the TV series, surrounded by a white border and with a funny caption at the bottom. The card backs are two-toned against a white background. The card number is at the upper left in blue, beside a triptych line drawing of Conway, Borgnine, and Silvers in red below which is the series title and a box outline in the same color. Within the box is an additional gag, in blue lettering. The Fleer logo in blue sits at the lower left.