Mod Squad

The Mod Squad Topps released their Mod Squad trading card set in 1969. There were 55 cards in the set.

The Mod Squad was a TV detective series that sought to vaguely connect with the houng, hip crowd. It must have succeeded, because the show lasted five seasons. The three main characters were basically a black guy (Clarence Williams III), a white guy (Michael Cole), and a blonde white gal (Peggy Lipton), who used their hippie connections to fight crime in the big city.

The card fronts featured a color still photo taken from the series, surrounded by a funky, blobby pink and purple border. The card caption was inset into the photo with a rounded block. The card backs were puzzle pieces, but 1/3 was given over to repeating the card caption and offering a block of text, with the card number and copyright matter below.

This card set was also released in Canada and Australia.