Monkees A-B-C

The Monkees Donruss released their A, B, and C series of Monkees trading cards starting in 1967. There were 44 cards in each series, for a total of 132.

Donruss had had so much success with their initial Monkees (sepia-toned) card set that they decided to crank out no less than three more, this time with color photos. The Pre-Fab Four were after all immensely popular with young people, and their hit records could be found throughout the charts in 1967.

The card fronts feature a color photo still from the series. The first, A series cards have a white border with a black panel at the bottom that offers the Monkees logo, the card number, the line 'Collect All 44 Cards,' and the copyright matter. The B series cards have yellow borders and a red panel at the bottom. The C series have white borders, but ornate pink or blue frame lines surrounding the image.

The card backs consist mainly of puzzle pieces, but also a variety of text pieces, from trivia questions about the band to listings of concert dates, to facts about each member.

Note: The boxes for these sets are easily differentiated. The A series came in a box with a prominent label marked '2nd Series' (the first series being the sepia toned cards); the B series box was marked '3rd Series,' and the C series box was labeled 'More Monkees.'