Monkees Flip Movies

Monkees Flip Movie Topps released their Monkees Flip Movies series in 1967. There are 16 booklets in the set. Each flipbook measured 2-7/16" by 3-1/2".

Topps was fairly late to jump on the Monkees bandwagon; after all, Donruss cranked out no less than 5 card series (if one includes the Monkees Badges stickers) before the trend wore out. All Topps managed to do was created this series of 16 'flipbooks,' which weren't even quite cards. (Although this fact may have allowed the Monkees management to sign a deal with Topps since this technically wasn't a card set.)

Nevertheless, they were an interesting little novelty. The little booklets, which were composed of thin card pages printed on both sides, were stapled at one end, and could be 'flipped' - i.e., the pages riffled - to make the printed images appear to move, in the same manner that a moving film is composed of thousands of still images, moving by quickly enough to coney motion.

The top of each booklet contained a black and white still image inside of a representation of a TV screen (or perhaps a nickelodeon), below which was the Monkees logo and the title caption, along with the booklet number. Below this was the copyright matter and the ad to 'Collect all 16 books.'

When flipped right-side-up, a small sequence involving the Monkees is given; upside-down, the Monkees logo is shown and each of the band members' names appear.

Monkees Flip Movies box