The Monkees (Sepia)

Monkees trading cards Donruss released their card set devoted to the Monkees in 1966. There were 44 cards in the set.

The Monkees was a TV series that would create a musical group starring in their own weekly, wacky show, creating their own hit records, and otherwise appealing to contemporary youth audiences. Four talented young guys were hired - Mickey Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork - and the series premiered in September of 1966. Kids loved it, and the band went on to sell over 50 million records and mucho merchandise.

The card fronts feature a sepia-toned publicity photograph of the group or one of its members; the cards with single band members also feature a facsimile autograph superimposed. There is also a small red Monkees logo superimposed on the photo. The card has white borders, with the card number, the ad 'Collect all 44 cards,' and the copyright matter at the bottom. The backs are all puzzle pieces.

Note: This card set was successful enough that Donruss followed it up with no less than 3 more sets, these with full-color photos, as well as a set of Monkees Badges stickers. Even Topps released a set of Monkees Flip Movies. The subsequent Donruss color sets are referred to as A, B, and C sets due to their numbering. The set is in fact often referred to as the 'sepia set' to differentiate it from the others.