Monogram Models

Monogram Models cards The Monogram Model Cars trading card series was issued one at a time with that company's plastic model kits in 1970. There were 23 cards total in the set.

The card fronts depicted artist Tom Daniel's color conception of a crazy or tricked-out automobile, with no caption. Card backs gave the name of the vehicle and a brief paragraph about its hypothetical construction, with a small photograph of Daniel at the right; the bottom of the card gave the company's logo and address, as well as the model # of the kit corresponding to the card.

Despite reports to the contrary, it appears there were in fact 23 cards in the series, despite that being an odd (prime) number.

Many cards have been found with staple holes or tape, suggesting they were originally affixed to the model's instruction sheet. Such cards cannot be considered anywhere near 'mint' in condition.

The corresponding model set numbers (6736 to 6786) are considered to be the card numbers.