Moonraker cards Topps released its Moonraker trading card set in 1979. There were 99 cards and 22 stickers in this set.

This was the first James Bond trading card set in the U.S. since Philly Gum's James Bond - Thunderball set in 1966.

Card fronts sported a color photo still from the movie, surrounded by a thin yellow border aainst a blue background. The Moonraker title was in a small yellow panel beneath the photo, with the card title in white below that. The card number appeared in a small red 'explosion' shape superimposed over the photo.

Card backs took two forms: one type was a puzzle piece, the others were in blue with cartoon pictures of a space shuttle and actor Roger Moore in a spacesuit. The Moonraker title appeared in stylized yellow lettering along the top, with 'James Bond 007' below that in black. A yellow black with a text synopsis of the photo's events dominated the center of the card, with 'Collect all 99 Moonraker cards' at the bottom.

The stickers for the set were numbered but uncaptioned, with photos outlined in red against a white background.

Although not the most successful or fondly-remembered James Bond film, this is still a fun set to own, whether for collectors of trading cards, or of sci-fi/space films, or of James Bond memorabilia.