The Munsters (1964)

The Munsters Leaf produced their Munsters card set in 1964. There were 72 cards and 16 stickers in the set.

The Munsters was CBS's answer to The Addams Family. The Munsters were a loving suburban American family that just happened to be composed of vampires, werewolves, and the walking undead. The wacky comedy lasted for 2 seasons and 70 episodes, and has proved immensely popular in reruns.

The card fronts show a black and white still photo from the TV series (all episodes of which were black and white) surrounded by a white border. At the bottom was a gag line to go along with the image, in thick black cartoony lettering. The card backs gave the title 'Munsters Mumbles' and the card number, followed by an additional joke and the copyright line.

The stickers that come with the set are full-color line illustrations of various characters from the show; none of them are numbered. These are widely collected, and because of their scarcity command a higher price than the cards.

Note: Card set prices generally do not include the stickers.