Nightmare of Warfare

The Nightmare of Warfare The Nightmare of Warfare trading card set was released in 1938. The publisher is unknown but suspected to be W.S. Corp. There were 48 cards in the set, each measuring 2-5/16" by 2-3/4".

Although there is no publisher copyright matter, and the distribution is unknown, hardcore collectors reckon that this vintage set was printed by W.S. Corporation, the same company who did such contemporary series as Foreign Legion and Army Navy Air Corps. A number of clues point to the culprit: for one thing, this is a strip card series; also the printing and the quality (or lack thereof) are similar. Most damning, though, is the high three-digit card number, which is typical of that company's sets.

This may have been a quickie rush job cranked out to compete with Gum Inc.'s Horrors of War series, which was immensely popular. In any cse, W.S. Corp. did a number of series on military themes, all within the same basic time frame.

The card fronts show a piece of crude but colored artwork, with no border but a thick red band at the bottom which contains the card number and caption. The backs (always vertical) give the set title, then the card number, then the line 'This is one of a series of 48 cards.' Below this the caption is repeated and then there is a paragraph of text. No copyright or company name appear at the bottom.

Note: This being a strip series, some cards may be found as parts of intact strips. These, naturally, command a premium in price. Collectors should also note that these cards will usually have one or more sides with serrated edges, due to being torn from strips.

The American Card Catalog reference number is R99.

Value: Individual cards from this series, in Excellent condition (keeping in mind the edges), can usually bring about $6.00 to $8.00 each. A full set of 48 may be worth #300.00 to $400.00.