Odd Rods

Odd Rods See the full original Odd Rods card set here

Donruss released their original Odd Rods sticker set in 1969. There were 44 numbered stickers in the full set.

Donruss really hit a home run with this series of sticker sets combining grotesque monster characters with souped-up hot rods. The concept wasn't exactly original - Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth had been drawing his weirdo driving characters since 1958 - but something about it clicked with the times, and the original stickers sold like hotcakes, leading to several sequels.

The stickers themselves were simple: colored line artwork of a weird automobile-driving creature of some sort, with a humorous nickname: Chevy Killer, the Mad Dragger, Big Fink, etc., and a sticker number in one bottom corner. The backs were simply illustrated instructions on how to peel away the front sticker.

Subsequent sets in the series include Odder Odd Rods, Oddest Odd Rods, Odd Rod All-Stars, and Fantastic Odd Rods.

Fantastic Odd Rods box and wrappers