Official Drag Champs

Official Drag Champs Fleer released their Official Drag Champs card set in 1971. There were 63 cards in the set.

This is one of several different auto racing card sets released in the early 1970's, many of them done by Fleer. This set is similar to Drag Nationals, a card set released by Fleer in 1972.

The card fronts show a color photograph taken at an AHRA race; a white border surrounds the photo but there is no caption. The card backs give the name and make/model of the car, its owner, and its vital statistics. This is followed by a block of text about the car and its history. Also shown are the logos for this card set and the American Hot Rod Association, or AHRA.

Note: This set may be difficult for collectors because the cards are unnumbered. There were 3 different wrappers for this set.

This card set was also released in Canada.