The Osmonds

The Osmonds The Osmonds trading card set was released by Donruss in 1973. There were 66 cards in the set.

"And they called it puppy love.... "

The attractive and talented clan of Mormons called the Osmond family are the subject of this lightweight but engaging card set; at the time, young brother Donny was a teen heartthrob, and sister Marie was just starting to make her presence known. The family came to be recognized overa decade before, when older brothers Merrill, Jay, Alan, and Wayne sang as youngsters in a barbershop quartet and made several successful appearances on the Andy Williams Show. About a year before the card set was released, the family group (with Donny singing lead usually) switched to pop, and exploded commercially. This card set was just a small part of Osmondmania, which included all variety of merchandising and spin-offs, including even a Saturday-morning animated cartoon featuring the group.

The card fronts feature a color photo of one or more members of the group, surrounded by a colorful art-deco border and with no caption or other wording. The card backs feature the card number at the upper left, followed by a bordered area giving the set title, then a paragraph of text about the group (interview segment, biographical info, discography, etc.). At the bottom is the copyright info and 'Collect all 66 cards' in small type.

Osmonds trading card pack

Osmonds trading card box