Partridge Family

The Partridge Family Topps released their trading card series devoted to the Partridge Family starting in 1971. There were 198 cards in 3 sets total.

The Partridge Fmaily was a classic sitcom about a single mother and her children who form a rock band. Based on the real-life pop group The Cowsills, the show was a Friday-night hit for network ABC, lasting for fofur seasons and turning oldest 'son' David Cassidy into a teen idol. Also featuring Danny Bonaduce and Shirley Jones, the show has proven a hit in syndication as well.

The card set is divided into 3 different series. Card fronts from each series have a color photo which is surrounded by a color border. The color for series 1 is yellow; for series 2 blue; and for series 3, green. The card backs are mostly puzzle pieces, but also occasionally contain some textual offerings such as song lyrics or 'Ask David Cassidy' question-and-answer pieces. The card backs of the 3rd series are puzzle pieces with 1/3 of the space given over to an ad for the Partridge Family Fan Club.

The number of cards in each series is 55 each for series 1 and 2, and 88 cards in series 3.

Note: Series 2 and 3 are often known as Series A and Series B, respectively, due to how the cards are numbered. In series 1, each card is given a regular card number. In series 2, the card number is followed by an A, and in series 3 it is followed by a B.