Pirates Bold

Pirates Bold Fleer issued their set of Pirates Bold trading cards in 1961. There were 66 cards and 21 stickers in the set.

Aesthetically pleasing and not wallet-bustingly expensive, this is an attractive, fun little card set that should please card collectors as well as pirate aficianados.

The card fronts feature colored line drawings. To the left within a skull-decorated frame is the portrait of a real historical pirate, complete with his (or her) baame and dates of birth and death below in a small banner. To the rihgt, within a rope-like frame, is a scene reminiscent of an event from that person's life. This is all surrounded by the white card edges.

The card backs have the back matter enclosed within a frame that makes it resemble an unfurled pirate's treasure map. Most of this area is taken up by the text discussing the pictured character, repeating his or her name and birth- and death dates, followed by a paragraph of biographical text. Beside this is a small piece of map showing the area in which this particular pirate flourished. Below this is an ad teasing for another card in the series, as well as the card number within a skull-and-crossbones to the lower right, and the Fleer logo to the lower left.

The stickers for this series are titled Flags of the Spanish Main, which is unfurled on a thin banner above a large representation of a given nation's flag as it existed at the time of the pirates. The name of the country sits at the bottom, while a colored line drawing of a pirate ship sits to the left. The stickers are unnumbered.