Planet of the Apes (1975)

Planet of the Apes This set of Topps Planet of the Apes trading cards came out in 1975. This card series had 66 cards and no stickers.

A previous Planet of the Apes card set had been produced by Topps in 1969; but whereas that set had used photos and the storyline from the first POTA film, this set dealt with the mid-70's TV show.

The card fronts showed a large color photograph from the TV series, surrounded by a white border around the edge. The card title appeared in a red scroll-like shape superimposed over the photo. Note: the 1969 POA set featured identical card front designs.

Card backs featured a puzzle piece for the top 2/3, with the card title and a block of narration about the photo below that. The card number was at the lower left, and along the bottom ran an identificationi of the puzzle piece (i.e., 'No. 2 of puzzle D') and 'Collect all 66 cards.'

There is also a 1967 copyright date, which causes some people to either think this set was released that year, or to confuse it with the previous POTA set; but this set is easily differentiated from teh other by looking at the backs of the cards. The 1969 series had green-tinted backs with no puzzle pieces.