Red Man Indian Chiefs

Red Man Indian Chiefs This series of 40 cards, on thin paper stock, was issued in packs of Red Man chewing tobacco in 1954.

Each card front features a a color portrait of a famous Indian chief at left, with a block of text about him to the right. Each card is numbered, and features an elaborate border in blue ink along the edges.

The backs simply feature an advertisement for Red Man chewing tobacco, with a bit of text about the card set, in blue ink.

This is a fairly popular vintage set, due to its depictions of Native Americans, always a popular trading card subject.

The American Card Catalog designation for this set is T129.

Value: ??? Individual Red Man Indian Chief cards may be had in decent condition for as little as $2.00, although professionally graded examples in higher grades can command up to $80.00. A set of these cards, in Excellent condition, may bring a price anywhere between $100.00 and $800.00.