Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy This card set devoted to Robert F. Kennedy was released by Philadelphia Gum in 1968. There are 55 cards in the set.

This may be one of the plainest modern card sets, no doubt rushed out by Philly Gum quickly after the murder of the charismatic young politician. Nevertheless (as a Kennedy might say), it is still much more scarce than either of the card sets devoted to his borther John, and thus collectors seek to acquire it and pay a fair amount to do so.

The card fronts simply show a black and white photo of Kennedy, surrounded by a thin white border, with no caption or number. The backs contain an area surrounded by two black lines, within which we find the caption THE STORY OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY, with the card number beside it in a black star; a silhouette sketch of the Capitol dome beside either a description of the front photo or a quote from the man himself. The copyright matter is at the bottom.