Rock Stars

Rock Stars trading cards Donruss released its set of Rock Stars trading cards in 1979. The set featured four then-popular rock bands: Kiss, Queen, the Village People, and the Babys. (Donruss had begun producing their card sets devoted to Kiss exclusively the year before, so they probably had some photos left over.) There were 66 cards in the set, no stickers.

Card fronts showed a color photo of the band outlined in a thin white border against a black background; the band's logo appeared inline with the border, with the card number in small white letters along the bottom left.

Card backs were either puzzle pieces, or white with a block of text about the bands or individual members, surrounded by a black rounded border with the band logo inserted inline.

Despite the popularity of Kiss at the time, they only appeared on 14 cards in the set; Queen and the Village People each appeared on 20, and the Babys on 12.

Surprisingly, the demand and thus the price for this card set are relatively low, mainly owing to the abundance of product, opened and unopened, still in the marketplace.