Round-Up cards Topps released their Round-Up trading card set in 1956 in the U.S. and Canada. There are 80 cards in the set, each measuring 2-5/8" by 3-3/4".

Largely overlooked these days, Round-Up is actually a really fun little card set, particularly for those interesting in the larger- than-life characters who popularted the Old West.

Round-Up (or Western Round-Up as the packs and boxes called it) tells the stories of the lives of 8 famous Western personages: Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Daniel Boone, Geronimo, Kit Carson, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and Wild Bill Hickok. Ten cards are devoted to each of these persons, resulting in 8 'subsets,' with images and text illustrating various events from their very eventful lives.

The card fronts offer a piece of color artwork devoted to the particular character, surrounded by a white border. Inset into the image is a small yellow box with a pair of Texas cattle longhorns sitting at the top, that contains that character's name (and thus the name of the subset to which this card belongs). The card caption sits to the right of this in a horizontal red banner. Note: the first card in each subset offers a portrait of that character surrounded by various events from his or her life, with the character's name in a horizontal yellow banner near the bottom.

The card backs, all vertical, are separated into distinct areas. Along the top is a red banner, resembling a roughly-hewn board, that contains the card number and the name of the subset (for example, Calamity Jane's is 'Queen of the Wild West'). Below this sits the card number in relation to its subset (for example, 'No. 9 of 10 Calamity Jane Cards') then a short paragraph of text. Next are four small line drawings illustrating scenes from the character's life, each with a brief sentence of explanation. At the bottom is an ad for the next card in the series ('See Card No. 20 - The Last Ride') and the logo for the set, in red, with small illustrations of a smoking pistol and cowboy boots on either side.

Note: Some cards from the set are accepted to be more difficult to find than others, almost certainly because of short-printing.

This is the last card series that Topps would print in this size.

The American Card Catalog number for this set is R712-3.

Value: Individual cards from this set are worth around $5.00 each; note, however, that the 'header' cards of each character (i.e., the first card in each subset) are generally worth twice this, or $10.00 each. A full set of 80 cards may bring as much as $450.00 to $500.00.