Six Million Dollar Man

Six Million Dollar Man The Six Million Dollar Man sticker set was released by Donruss in 1975. There were 66 numbered stickers in the set.

The Six Million Dollar Man was a television series about an astronaut who receives robotic body parts after being in a terrible crash, and subsequently uses his enhanced abilities to carry out missions for the government. Lee Majors (of Big Valley fame) starred as Col. Steve Austin. The show proved extremely popular for a number of years, and Majors (who at one point married Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels) was a top TV star.

The fronts featured a color photo from the TV sreies, surrounded by a thin red or black border, against a wider blue border which ran along the card's edges. A rounded horizontal block superimposed over the photo gave the card number and title. The backs were puzzle pieces.

Although usually referred to as a trading card set, this was actually a set of stickers only.

This set is relatively easy to find and commands a modest price with collectors.

Note that this set is not to be confused with the Six Million Dollar Man test cards produced by Topps the previous year.