Sky Birds (Goudey, 1941)

Skybirds Goudey's Sky Birds trading card set was released in 1941. It contained 24 blank-backed cards. Note: This set is not to be confused with the more popular Sky Birds set produced by National Chicle.

The cards featured color artwork of a given airplane with the 'Goudey Gum - Sky-Birds' logo superimposed over it. At the base of the card in a block of red was given the card number, name of the plane pictured, and a short description of the plane, especially its weaponry. The cards sported a thin white border.

Since Goudey was primarily a chewing gum producing company, these cards were mostly distributed with gum in packs. Goudey used different pseudonyms on several of its products, and on some Skybirds wrappers called itself 'World Wide Gum.'

Two different wrappers and boxes are known to exist for this card series.

The American Card Catalog reference number is R137.