Spook Stories

Spook Stories Leaf Brands Inc. released their monstrous Spook Stories cards between 1963 and 1965. The set consisted of 144 cards in two series, plus around 48 stickers (the exact number is unknown).

The name of this card set comes from the title on the back of each card; this is the widely accepted title, despite the fact that the title 'Spook Talk' sits above every card number on the back as well, and the boxes for this series plainly state 'Spook Theatre' (for the first series) and 'Son of Spook Theatre' (for the 2nd).

The card fronts consist of a black-and-white still photo taken from a Universal monster movie, beneath which is a funny caption and a tiny copyright line. The card backs have the series title in large lettering, followed by a block of text beneath consisting of a joke of some sort.

The stickers are unnumbered and uncaptioned, so it has traditionally been difficult for collectors to categorize them properly. These are full-color line illustrations of various horrific subjects (a hangman's noose, a cobra, a Cyclops monster) and may be even more widely collected than the cards. Counterfeits of the stickers do exist, mainly owing to the fact that a finite number of the originals can be found at this late date, and many of these still appear on collectors' want lists.

The wrappers for Spook Stories come in a number of variations in color and design, but all have the title 'Spook Theatre' or 'Son of Spook Theatre' and an image of Frankenstein's monster.

Note: A test set apparently exists; these cards can be differentiated from the regular release by the presence of a pair of monstrous eyes between the words 'Spook' and 'Stories' on the back of the card.