Sports Cars

Sports Cars Topps released this card set devoted to contemporary sports cars in 1961. There were 66 cards in the set, each measuring 2-1/2" by 4-3/4", as well as 20 stickers.

This fascinating and well-designed card set celebrated this great era of international sports car design. Looking back with modern eyes, it really was a classic time for cool automobiles, and kids must have flipped over this series of illustrated cards.

The card fronts featured a large color photo against a solid color background, with a thin white border around the edges. On the thicker bottom edge is listed the make and model of the car, along with its categorization ('sports coupe', etc.) and nation of origin.

Card backs featured the card number prominently at top left, with a black circle below repeating the card name and number along with a block of text and brief stats. To the right is a monochromatic orange cartoon related to the automobiles.

The stickers for this set were license plates for 20 different states. (With reports of more states existing, but not widely known.)