Star Trek 1976

Star Trek This Star Trek trading card set was produced by Topps in 1976. It featured 88 cards and 22 stickers.

This card set came ten years after the debut of the hit sci-fi TV show, which enjoyed continued popularity with younger viewers by way of reruns.

Card fronts showed a dramatic color scene from the TV series, surrounded by a thin white border; the card title in 3D lettering was superimposed over the image, with a small cartoon of the starship Enterprise beside it.

Card backs had a blue backround; at the top sat the card number beside a small yellow 'Starfleet' insignia and the words 'Captain's Log' in yellow, with the card title in smaller black letters below. Beneath this was a block of black text against a yellow background, giving a summary of the action on the card front, or a paragraph about a specific character. At the bottom was a drawing of Enterprise and a small block of text either naming the episode pictured on the card front, or telling kids to be on the lookout for the upcoming Star Trek film.

Stickers for this set featued a portrait photo of a specific character, outlined by a color border, against an outer-space background; the character's name was given in a white block at the bottom. The stickers were numbered.

The set price usually includes the stickers. Although plentiful, this remains a popular card set with collectors, and commands a decent price.