Star Trek the Motion Picture

Star Trek the Motion Picture In 1979, Topps released their second Star Trek trading card set in three years, this time dealing with the big-screen motion picture devoted to the further adventures of the aging crew of the starship Enterprise.

This set contains 88 cards and 22 stickers.

Card fronts featured a photo still from the film (or a publicity shot) surrounded by a thin colored frame, with the card title in '3D' lettering and the card number running along the top. Inset into the border was a small cartoon of the Enterprise. The cards were white-bordered around the edges.

Card backs held either a puzzle piece or a block of text against a blue background, which often also contained a cartoon image of the Enterprise; this was surrounded by a thin white-and-yellow frame with the newer stylized Star Trek logo. The card backs had red borders around the edges. The text either gave part of a synopsis about the film (Story Summary), an actor profile, or one of two 'Star Quotes'. There was one checklist.

The stickers in this set had a stylized purple border around the die-cut image and were numbered with puzzle-piece backs.