Star Wars (1st series)

Star Wars cards first series New - see the full Star Wars series 1 card set here

The first series of Star Wars cards was released in 1977 by Topps. The series consists of 66 blue-bordered cards and 11 black-bordered stickers.

The cards were immensely popular upon their release, so much so that they were quickly followed by four more series. The popularity of the Star Wars film was largely responsible for this, of course, since in many cases it was difficult in those pre-internet days for kids to get any information or photos dealing with the film aside from this card set. This series reinvigorated the trading card market, which - while not quite dormant during this period - soon saw the release of card sets devoted to several other movies and television shows (many of them science fiction-themed) in the hopes that one of them would prove as popular as this.

As a result of the millions of Star Wars series 1 cards sold and were collected during this time period, so the cards are widely available, even in high grade, which translates to the set price being relatively low (although it seems to have climbed a bit in the last few years). Nevertheless, this card series is fondly remembered by collectors of a certain age, and usually represents the beginning of their non-sports trading card collections. Even today it is a set widely recognized by those who don't collect cards, and demand - despite the generous supply - remains substantial.

Each card features a color photo on the front surrounded by a 'starry' blue border, the set logo and card number sitting in an 'explosion'-shaped block at one lower corner, and the caption below. The card backs feature either text blocks or puzzle pieces. The text backs have a film-reel banner holding the set logo, beneath which sits a large block of text, then a small horizontal graphic showing an X-Wing fighter and the Death Star.

The stickers consist of portrait shots of the main characters (except for R2-D2 and an X-Wing fighter) surrounded by a colored border against a 'space' background. All are die-cut and numbered.

The wrapper front is black and features the character of C-3PO.