Star Wars 2nd series

Star Wars cards 1977 See the full Star Wars series 2 card set here

The second series of Star Wars trading cards was released in 1977, shortly after the highly successful first (blue border) series. This set is easily identified by its bright red border. There were 66 cards and 11 stickers in this set.

The card fronts featured a dramatic still photo from the film, surrounded by a thin white frameand then the wider red border around the edges of the card. Inset was an 'explosion' shaped block with the Star Wars logo and the card number; the title of the card in white lettering sat at the bottom.

Card backs were taken up by both puzzle pieces and text such as Movie Facts and actor profiles. These sat in a yellow block with the Star Wars logo at tthe top on a film-like ribbon; below the text was a small drawing of an X-Wing fighter moving toward the Death Star.

The stickers for this series (as with the first) had black outer borders and were numbered.

The entire Star Wars series of 1977-78 cards kept a sequential numbering system; this set's cards went from #67 to 132. The stickers, too, continued the numbering system from the previous sticker series; these were numbered #12 to 22.

The wrapper for this series featured a colored line drawing of Darth Vader against a yellow background.