Superman the Movie

Superman the Movie Topps released their Superman The Movie card set in 1978 and 1979. There were two series, the first with 77 cards and 12 stickers, the second with 88 cards and 16 stickers.

Superman the Movie provided a great opportunity for a trading card set, with the great visuals from the film combined with a built-in amount of enthusiasm from the comic book collecting community.

The first series cards featured a color still photo from the film, surrounded by a thin red frame against a white card border. The caption sat below, with a metallic Superman 'S' symbol at the lower left and the card number at the lower right. The backs were divided between puzzle pieces and text backs, which had 'Movie Facts' in a red text box, with the set logo at top and a red Superman 'S' symbol in a starry panel below. The cards were numbered #1 through #77.

The firt series stickers break into two groups. The first group are the regular Topps die-cut stickers, featuring a head shot of a character surrounded by a red border against a blue background. The second group are metallic foil stickers, the first one a large picture of the Superman 'S' symbol, the others color photo stills from the film surrounded by a metallic border with a smaller Superman 'S' symbol in one lower corner. None of the stickers are numbered.

The second series cards feature a color photo in a blue frame line against a red card border. The backs are again either puzzle pieces or Movie Facts, but with a yellow text box against a black background. The cards are numbered #78 through #165.

The second series stickers are also in two groups. The die-cut stickers reverse the colors, with blue frame lines against a red border, while there are now ten foil stickers. These too are unnumbered.