TV Westerns

TV Westerns This card set devoted to TV Westerns was released by Topps in 1958. It featured 71 cards in the set.

This interesting offering of cards celebrated some of the more popular Western TV programs which were on the air during its time of release. The Western was, in fact, in its hayday during that period, and would see a gradual decline as the next two decades wore on.

The set is divided up between 11 different series: GUNSMOKE (cards #1-15); TRACKDOWN (16-20); WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (21-25); PALADIN (26-32); YANCY DERRINGER (33-40); UNION PACIFIC (41-45); WAGON TRAIN (46-51); THE RESTLESS GUN (52-56); TALES OF WELLS FARGO (57-63); BOOTS AND SADDLES (64-68); and THE CALIFORNIANS (69-71).

The card fronts show a color photo of a scene from the respective show, taking up the bottom 3/4 of the card; along the top is the series titel, with a subtitle beneath, or the name of an actor and his character name above and below. Card backs featurd a large section in white, surrounded by a yellow faux wood background, within which was contained the card number, the card title or the name of the main actor in bold, a block of text, and an ad for the show along the bottom, with copyright line.

Wrappers were red and yellow, in both 1-cent and 5-cent amounts.

The American Card Catalog designation for this set is R712-4.

This card set was also released in Britain by A&BC, in a slighter larger size (oddly enough, since most of A&BC's offerings are smaller than their American counterparts).

Value: Despite the exciting subject matter and relative age, this card set is not particularly sought after, so prices are stable. Individual cards in Excellent condition usually go for around $3.00 each, while the full set can be found for between $260.00 and $300.00.