Tarzan (1966)

Tarzan trading cards Philly Gum issued a trading card set devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs's famous jungle hero Tarzan in 1966. There were 66 cards in the set, no stickers.

The card fronts were devoted to a piece of color artwork depicting Tarzan in some dangerous situation; this was surrounded by a thin red frame, with thicker white borders along the card's edges. Inset in the image was a circle containing the name of the set, the card title, and the card number.

The set sported good-looking card backs (which often can't be said about Philly Gum products). The stylized Tarzan logo was at the top left, with the card title and number beside it. Below this was a paragraph of text explaining the action on the front of the card; this was surrounded on three sides by a detailed drawing in green ink of Tarzan and some of his jungle friends in their native terrain.